Boccia alley

The purpose of the Gulatinget Millennium Site is to provide a place where people can meet, discuss, experience art and culture, play and learn. It was not only discussions and dispute resolution that went on at the Gulating in medieval times – there were also markets, public celebrations, music, song, dance and games. The Gulatinget Millennium Site is a modern meeting place, where there is also opportunity to enjoy games, music, song and dance from our own time. Take time for a leisurely competition with friends, and enjoy a game of boccia if the weather permits.

The Vikings had a number of games, including dice, chess, and other board games. They also had competitions for throwing and lifting heavy weights, and tested their strength against one another. Today, we have various bowling games we can play on an alley like this. Bowling games are particularly popular in southern Europe, with games like “petanque”, “boule” and “boccia” played in countries such as Italy and France. These games have also become popular in Norway, because anyone can join in and play.


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