This sculpture is a gift from the Kvernsteinspark (Quernstone Park) in Hyllestad. The name “Kvernbit” is a reference to one of Snorre Sturlason’s sagas of the history of the Norwegian kings, which tells of Håkon the Good’s sword “Kvernbit” (Quernbite), which was so strong that with it Håkon “clove through a quernstone to the centre eye”. Round about in the park can be seen remains of old quernstone quarrying. There is a connection between the Gulating and the quernstone quarries in Hyllestad: the two ancient stone crosses in Eivindvik are made of kyanite-garnet-muscovite-schist, which is exactly the same type of stone that the quernstones from Hyllestad were made of. It is therefore probable that the crosses in Eivindvik were carved from stone from the Hyllestad quarries.


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