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Destination Viking Association delegates hear about the THING Project

Published: 01 January 1970

The THING Project’s Eileen Brooke-Freeman was invited to speak about the project to members of the Destination Viking Association when they arrived in Shetland this weekend for their annual general meeting.

Delegates from the DVA hear about the THING Project from Eileen Brooke-Freeman

The Destination Viking Association was founded in 2007 with the objective of developing a strong Viking brand for tourism, and to sponsor cooperation between Viking villages and groups throughout the world. The Association builds on the legacy of a number of successful EU projects including ‘North Sea Viking Legacy’, ‘Balder’, ‘Destination Viking Baltic Stories’ and ‘Destination Viking Sagalands’.

The Association currently has 19 members from 9 countries. Delegates from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Ireland, the Isle of Man and Orkney joined partners in Shetland for a programme of meetings, presentations and site visits. Eileen spoke to the meeting about the work of the THING Project, and the products and services which had been developed as a result of it.

The association expressed their admiration for the work undertaken by the project, and were particularly impressed with some of the web-based services which had been developed, a number of which they felt would be of benefit to the work of the association. The THING Project was established as a model for future work, and it was felt that the Thing Sites International Networking Group would sit well within the umbrella of the association in the future.

The THING Project looks forward to working with Destination Viking in the future to develop thing sites as visitor attractions, and to build upon their links with the wider Viking world.

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