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Thing Site Profiles

  • The Millennium thing wall © Knut Bry

    Gulatinget, Norway

    Gulatinget Millennium Park is a symbolic thing site opened in 2005 to commemorate the annual parliamentary assembly which took place in Gulen from approximately 900-1300 AD. The park features monumental artworks by sculptor Bard Breivik.

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  • Thingvellir National Park © Einar Á.E.Sæmundsen

    Thingvellir National Park, Iceland

    Thingvellir is the most important cultural heritage site in Iceland. The Althing (General Assembly) was established here in 930 and continued meeting for more than 850 years until 1798.

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  • The thing was located on the rocky point at Tinganes

    Tinganes, Faroe Islands

    The rocky promontory of Tinganes on the foreshore of Tórshavn has been the home of the Faroese parliament for over a thousand years.

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  • © Frank Bradford

    Tingwall, Shetland

    The small promontory at the north end of Tingwall Loch, called Tingaholm, was the site of Shetland’s local parliament until the late 16th century.

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  • Tingwall © Frank Bradford

    Tingwall, Orkney

    Orkney’s thing sites are somewhat mysterious. There is very little information relating to them, and what we know mostly comes from saga stories, folklore and partial records.

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  • The lawhill of Dingwall, looking east, c.1900-5 © Dingwall Museum Trust

    Dingwall, Scotland

    Dingwall’s thing site is thought to have been located on the site which is now the Cromartie Memorial car park.

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  • Tynwald Hill, Isle of Man

    Tynwald Hill, Isle of Man

    Tynwald Hill at St John's is the traditional ancient meeting place of the Manx parliamentary assembly, dating back at least to the late first millennium AD.

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